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Willy Frankfort’s 1 of 1000 Powder Horn (from the May 2009 issue of The Horn Book)

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In 2009, Willy Frankfort represented our Guild and took on the task of producing the 1 of 1000 Powder Horn for the NMLRA Endowment Program. I asked Willy to take photos of the horn from start to finish for a “Photo Journal” so all members could see how his work progressed.

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2 Responses to “Willy Frankfort’s 1 of 1000 Powder Horn (from the May 2009 issue of The Horn Book)”
  1. Ken Irish says:

    Hi Willy. Iv’e been an avid horner for many years now and I can’t find the chalk white horns we use to get. Now I’m having trouble with the more fiberious horns, can’t seem to scratch a streight line without it wandering. Could you explain your techniques and tools used to me. I’d sure appriciate it. Thanks willy………Ken Irish

  2. Willy says:

    Sorry I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to reply to this inquiry but I hope this helps.

    First.  There are a ton of distributors for white horn.  It shouldn’t be hard to get good materials.  Village Restorations, Powderhorns and More, eBay and so on.

    Second.  I’m a straight forward x-acto knife user.  Although I have used and invented a few tools.  I can use anything and most things turn out pretty well.  I draw, ink, then cut.

    Draw with pencil-use a perm. ink pen, let it dry and then cut.

    I use Higgins inks and dyes.  I also use Winsor Newton watercolors and then cover the pigments with an oil and beeswax finish.  Try everything.

    I am working on an engraving DVD.  This will be good because you’ll be able to play it on the computer or DVD player.  Hopefully it will be done for next year.  We’ll see.


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