Tuesday, February 20, 2018

From the Editors of The Horn Book

There’s a lot going on in the offices of those elite personages who are members of the The Horn Book staff.  Indeed, although we are underworked and overpaid, we continue in our pursuit of perfection!

In all seriousness, the staff is quite busy with several key projects, in addition to the publication of The Horn Book, which is our first labor of love.  The Executive Committee approved several projects at the recent annual meeting as well as our goals for 2014 which include:  (1) continued upgrade of The Horn Book by increasing the number of pages published annually, keeping the ‘Blast from the Past’ and the ‘Table of Contents’ as permanent additions, and adding a ‘Symbology’ article.  (2) In conjunction with the Webmaster, Rick Sheets, maintain the ‘Article Index’  on the Website.  (3) Continue planning, one year in advance, the contents for The Horn Book.  (4)  Provide Muzzle Blasts Magazine with the standard two articles – the Guild’s Annual Meeting published each February and the 1 of 1000 Powder Horn article published each July. (5) Two new initiatives with Muzzle Blasts include an article this October on Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair and coming in 2015, the Guild will publish six articles on Guild and horn related topics.  (6) The Seven in Seven Project is progressing well with Volume I going online for sale in March 2015.  (7)  The Guild Register Book, which documents critical Guild information such as the bylaws and information on all Master and Journeymen horners, is nearing completion.  This is a handmade leather book, all done by hand in calligraphy by Russ Young.

Our Guild is indeed blessed to have such talented members willing to take the time to research, write and share their findings.  They are the heart and soul of our publication, The Horn Book – our utmost thanks and appreciation to each and every contributor.

The Horn Book Staff
Editor Bill Carter
Art Director Bob Albrecht
Staff Terri Albrecht
John Kiselica
Kris Polizzi
Rick Sheets
Distribution Joe Becker
John DeWald


If there is any subject matter concerning horn working you would like addressed, please contact Bill Carter at (919) 557-0840 or by email at: wmcarter@dishmail.net.

Till the next issue’s update, I remain…

Wm. E. Carter

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