Tuesday, February 20, 2018

2016 Horn Book and Website Sponsors

Updated Jan 4th, 2017.

All members of the Publications Committee are deeply indebted to those Guild members listed below who became Sponsors in 2016, many of whom have also contributed in previous years. It’s official, the final tally for 2016 lists 147 Sponsors who contributed a total of $3,720!! As always, your kind words, generosity and support provide our committee with more than enough incentive to keep you informed and up to date on all the news, activities, projects and horn related research of our Guild. The new listing of Sponsors for 2016 will be in the upcoming Summer issue, which will be published this coming July. Our sincere thanks, once again, for your continued support. Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor can do so with a $20.00 donation to the HCH. Checks should be made payable to the Honourable Company of Horners and forwarded to Art DeCamp, Treasurer, 2210 Acorn Circle, Huntingdon, PA 16652-9783.

Please remember that the HCH is a 501c 3 non-profit organization and all contributions, other than dues payment, can be used as itemized deductions on your individual tax returns.


2016 Horn Book & Website Sponsor Listing


Craig Adamson

Andrew Albanese

Bob Albrecht

Frank Alcorn

Tom Ames

Ray Antosh

William Auld

Barney Barnitz

Glenn Beall

Jerry Becker

Joe Becker

Gary Bertelson

Jeff Bibb

Nathan Blauch

Daniel Boling

Roger Briggs

Roger Brisson

Bo Brown

Chuck Brownewell

Jim Buelow

Mary Bungo

Paul Butcher

Clinton Byers

Randall Camp

Bill Carter (VT)

Bill Carter (NC)

Robert Coffey

Tim Cornick

Jeff Crisey

Wayne Davis

Art DeCamp

John DeWald

Gerald Dukes

Dan Eisenhower

Gary Elsenbeck

Albert Emanuel

Richard Evans

Don Fererro
Dean Freund

Jim Fulmer

Jason Gatliff

Paul Gasparo

Victor Gavin

Larry George

Clark Goetzmann

Roger Gonzales

Tom Grinslade

Fred Griser

Dave Gundrum

Mel Hankla

Kevin Hart

Randy Hedden

Richard Harwood

Ron Hess

Gary Himmel

Rodger Hodge

Jay Hopkins

The Horn Shoppe

Richard Hujsa

Barry Hutchins

Pete & Pam Hutton

Ralph James

Craig Jarrett

Barbara Jones

Mike Karkalla

Jack Keener

Shern Kier

Alex Kiselica

John Kiselica

Larry Klein

Gary Kovacs

John LaBella

Cameron Lane

Pam Lappegard
Ed Long

Jim Leach

Tim Lubenesky

Gary Ludwig

Walter Mabry

Curtis Makamson

Charles Manning

Mike Marotta

Randy and Karen Martis

Hoyt Masterton

Harris Maupin

Barry Maxfield

Kevin McDonald

Glenn McIntyre

Chris McElvey

Wayne McLaughlin

Dave Miller

Dwight Moore

Harold Moore

Brian Morris

Scott Morrison

Bill Myers

Jim Newell

Kevin Nettleton

In Memory of Richard Nicholas

Hank Nowak

Stephen Pancoe

Jim & Karen Pease

In Memory of John D. Plybon

Bill Podszus

Jerry & Kris Polizzi

Powder Horns & More

Nick Powers

Stephen Pressman

Mark Preston

John Proud

David Rabo
Ginger Reddick

Rex Reddick

Steve Rehm

Bill RuggieJohn Ruoff

Tim Sanner

Ray Schoonmaker

Leroy Seagroves

Todd Searle

Bernard Shaw

Rick Sheets

Daniel Shirey

Gary Silvey

Frank Slyker

Fred Smith

Ronnie Smith

In Memory of Gary Steele

James Steele

Leon Stone

Glenn Sutt

Calvin Tanner

Sam Thompson

Richard Toone

Raymond Troutman

Erv Tschanz

Walter Tyler

Ron Vail

Joe Valentin

Bill Vance

Ginny VanMeter

Jim Webb

Frank Willis

Woody Woodruff

Lawrence Wlazlo

H. David Wright

Ken Yanik

Mitch Yates

Russ Young

Again, a big thanks goes out to our Sponsors! If you would like to be a sponsor, you may do so by making a PayPal donation below. Checks should be made payable to the Honourable Company of Horners and forwarded to Art DeCamp, Treasurer, 2210 Acorn Circle, Huntingdon, PA 16652-9783.