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The 2012 Pouch and Horn Raffle Set (Drawing at Dixon's July 29, 2012)

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Update July 29, 2012- We have a winner! Congratulations to Walt Morgis of Virginia.

The 2012 HCH raffle features the Clash of the Titans North Carolina squirrel rifle set entered by the South in last year’s monumental competition at Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair. The set will be displayed at the annual HCH conference in March, and at Dixon’s in July.

The drawing will be held at Dixon’s Gumakers Fair, which is held in Kempton, Pennsylvania every July. (See their website by clicking here.)

The horn made by Billy Griner, is a copy of an original Rowan County, NC piece. It features three bands with a turned, applied antler tip, and a black walnut base. Overall length is 11 inches around the curve. (See Billy Griner’s website by clicking here.)

The pouch was made by Jeff Bibb and is a copy of an original pouch from Iredell County, NC. Constructed from cowhide, the pouch is 6.5 inches wide by 7 inches deep. The flap is bound and backed with hemp. There is a hanging ball or patch pocket inside. (See Jeff Bibb’s website by clicking here.)

This awesome Southern pouch and horn are complimented by other handmade items. The measure was turned from horn by Mark Ewing, and pick and brush set were made by Jeff Bottiger.


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  1. Kenneth Kepf says:

    nice set!

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