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2015 Annual Meeting Raffle at the AHEC – Drawing on March 7, 2015. We have Winners.

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UPDATE - The Annual Meeting is now a thing of the past and we have winners! Please see the lucky ones who purchased raffle tickets and had their names drawn. Their names are below the raffle items. Incidentally, Mark Preston, one of our members, from Florida donated two un-worked horns and they were won by Steve Haines of Pennsylvania.
Again, thank you to all who donated items and to all of those who purchased raffle items.

Best regards,
Kris Polizzi


It is that time of year again, and I am happy to announce the items for the “Annual Meeting” raffle for 2015. First, a huge Thank You to all of the artisans who have donated these wonderful items! The raffles we hold throughout the year are a great way for us to raise money for the Guild’s many programs, and there is no way to do that without the help of so many of you. I am always amazing by those of you who come forward when your help is needed!

This year’s eight items are…

Ron-Hess-banded-horn-2015 Eric Ewing Ball Bag 2015
A Southern Banded Horn crafted by Ron Hess A handmade leather ball bag by Eric Ewing
Banded horn won by Gary Bertrlsen, OH Ball Bag won by Bob Albrecht, NJ
Don Fererro Flask Clint Byers pick and brush 2015
A Queen Anne horn made by Journeyman Don Fererro A handsome pick and brush set
by Journeyman Clinton Byers
Queen Anne flask won by Brian Shrader, IN Pick & Brush won by Jason Moyer, PA
Rex-Reddick-measure&funnel Bill Carter & Rick Sheets
A turned horn funnel and measure by Rex Reddick A well-crafted ring box made by
Journeyman Bill Carter and engraved by Journeyman Rick Sheets
Funnel & Measure won by Don Fererro, NC Ring Box won by Jason Moyer, PA
Sara-Boyd-strap-2015 Book NMLRA 2015
A lovely hand woven strap by Sara Boyd And last, but certainly not least, the NMLRA
has sent us the generous gift of a 5 year membership and the new book Flintlocks, by Eric Bye!
Woven strap won by Scott Morrison, OR NMLRA Book & Membership won by Ed Long, PA


Tickets can be “pre-purchased” by clicking on the ticket or purchased in person at the Annual Meeting for only $2 each or 6 for $10. Stop by the fundraising table to get an up close look at all of these great prizes! You need not be present to win.

My thanks again to all of the members who help make these raffles possible. Anyone who is interested in donating an item can feel free to contact me at polizzifam@netzero.net.

Kris Polizzi – Fundraising Chair

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