Thursday, January 18, 2018

May 2012 Message from the Guildmaster

Guildmaster Jeff Bibb at Norris, Tennessee.

Hello to All:

With the coming of the summer months, we are all now deeply involved with our various gatherings and events. Fort Frederick has just ended, and although I was not able to attend this year, I have heard that it was a grand event. The Tennessee / Kentucky Longrifle show was held several weeks back in Norris, Tennessee. This show was an incredible showcase for anyone interested in  Southern mountain rifle culture, particularly specimens of the “iron-mounted” variety. Several HCH members were in attendance and showcasing their wares.

The West Coast Horn Fair was held last weekend at Morro Bay, California. From the reports I have seen, it seems to have attracted a very good attendance. The photos of the work displayed there looked great! Even though it is often difficult for our members to sometimes travel between the coasts, it is good to see groups of HCH members holding workshops and get-togethers in other areas.

Our own little “Southern” workshop has been a real inspiration for those who have been able to attend. I know that I have learned much from participating the past two years, and eagerly look forward to next year.

With everything in full swing for the season, I want to take this opportunity to remind some of our members that without your annual dues payment, the HCH (and other valuable historical organizations) run the risk of slowly slipping into oblivion.  This year marks the first time in recent memory that we are seeing a large number of members failing to remit their annual dues to our treasurer.

We are not a large organization, but we have been fortunate to experience a large amount of growth over the past several years.  With this growth comes higher operating costs as the services provided to our members have  dramatically expanded. Take a look at our wonderful website, the quality of our publication, “The Horn Book”, The Hartley Book, free entrance to our annual meeting, and the many learning opportunities we have tried to incorporate at the meetings. All of this, and more, takes dedicated time and effort from our Executive Committee, our Committee Chairmen, and all of the folks who step up to volunteer their help.

We have more plans for the future to make our organization even better than it is today, but without the financial support of our membership, this may change. If you value the guild, and what it means to you, please take the time to continue your membership by sending a check to our treasurer, Art DeCamp.

As usual, the door is always open. Write, call, email, or shout loudly to let us know your thoughts about the guild.

Thank you,

Jeff Bibb
Guildmaster, HCH

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