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John Kiselica, Master Horner

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This is the seventh in a series of articles on those members of the Honourable Company of Horners who have achieved the status of Master Horner.

Here is an excerpt from the Horn Book article on John :
“The person in question is John Kiselica and fortunately he is one of those unique individuals that defy all human traits of normalcy. Although I will expound more on this later, in a nutshell John is a highly talented jeweler who designs, produces, repairs and restores intricate pieces of jewelry during the day, then at night teaches gunsmithing courses at the local community college, and in his spare time likes to attend muzzleloading events.”  [To read the complete article, click here...]


3 Responses to “John Kiselica, Master Horner”
  1. Craig Jarrett says:

    I really enjoy reading about our master horner’s. Would it be possible to have their masters papers included on the website. If there is a concern about property rights, it could be published in a “members only” section. A password could be issued when dues are paid. One of our goals as an organization is to educate people about the past. I am sure the masters papers are great educational material.

  2. gary gliwa says:

    Good Afternoon Jonus. Can any Pole learn about our Early American History. My Ancestors are from Gliwiece. I’am wanting to participate, in our history. I live here in Philadelphia, The Birthplace of our Freedom. Can you give me some, information on going about how to get the proper clothing, weapons learning how to fire a 30-45-50 caliber Penna LongRifle. How do I go about it Polski, Thank You

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