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Art DeCamp, Master Horner

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This is an excerpt from “Master Horner Profiles” from The Horn Book; it is fifth in the series.

“Art has always been a primary mainstay in the Guild serving on various judging committees, the Awards Committee, and for the past three years has been our Treasurer. In addition, he has given numerous classes, demonstrations on horn working, and been the “go to guy” when a special expertise was needed for a project or for resolution of a problem.”
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4 Responses to “Art DeCamp, Master Horner”
  1. Rick Evans says:

    Art…would you share a schedule of your horn building classes for the rest of the year? I have missed out at Conner Prairie the past two years. Or…what would the cost be to host a horn building seminar of my own closer to my home in Georgia?

  2. Wallace McElheney says:

    I have a question.  I know there are horn construction styles for various counties in PA, and was wondering about a style or variation for Northampton County.  I know there is a Bucks County style, so would Northampton be similar?  My family settled in Northampton County in the early 1700′s and want to do a horn in an appropriate style to honor one of them.
    I am a member of the Guild, although not a very active one; as I am stuck up here in North Western NY most of the time at Old Fort Niagara.  I am the Fort’s blacksmith and keep pretty busy.  I am hoping to get to the meeting this coming spring though. 
    I see a few of the Guild members at the Fort once in a while (Erv S., John Proud, and Joe Scott).  I do run horn demonstrations a few times a year at some of our events, and we are hoping to run a few classes this fall and winter at the fort.  In fact John P. was the one who suggested I join a number of years ago.

    Thanks In advance, and best regards
    Wallace McElheney

    • Art DeCamp says:

      Yes, there is what I have described as the “Lehigh/Northampton” style horns.  Related, but somewhat different are the “Upper Delaware” horns.  These are highlighted in Chapter Four and Five of my book Pennsylvania Horns of the Trade.  Both are internal screw-tip orns with applied collars and high-domed butts with integral buttons.  I would be glad to send you a couple of sample photos of this style by separate email, if you wish.  Please contact me through the email listed on my website.

      Art DeCamp

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