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Web Announcement July 19, 2010

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For your convenience, we have added an order form for the past issues of The Horn Book. >>Click here to view.

We are very pleased with the positive comments and support for the new website. But we need your input!
Please help out and send your suggestions to me for improvements.
Rick Sheets


2 Responses to “Web Announcement July 19, 2010”
  1. Craig Jarrett says:

    I want to offer my words of congratulation on designing an excellent website. It is a great improvement that puts the information at our finger tips.

    I would like to suggest that you include pictures of the organizations officers. We are a nationwide organization that is continues growing and for someone who is new to the organization it is difficult to learn who these people are.

    Thanks again for all your efforts.

  2. Rick Sheets says:

    Hi Craig,
    Thanks for the encouraging comments. I will make sure your suggestion is put in front of our exectutive officers.
    Rick Sheets

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