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A Success! 2016 Auction of the Masters

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Glenn Sutt adds his auctioneering skills to our event as Kris Polizzi offers a hand.

The 2016 Annual Meeting has come and gone and as the dust settles and we evaluate how things went, we can chalk the Auction of the Masters up to a success! I’d like to thank everyone who helped out on this project. Thank you to the Master Horners who made this such a special event! Thank you to everyone who bid online and at the live auction itself! And a special thank you to those who helped me pull it all together- Jerry Polizzi, Rick Sheets, Bill Carter and our super auctioneer, Glenn Sutt.
We raised over $3700 for The Guild and there is already interest in next year’s event!
Thank you again!,
 Kris Polizzi – Fund raising Chair

The Honourable Company of Horners is happy to announce a very special celebration of its 20th year! At our next Annual Meeting in March 4-5, 2016, we will be having an Auction of the Masters. The auction will take place at the banquet on March 5th. The proceeds will go towards advancing the public education mission of the Guild. Each Master Horner in the Guild was asked to make a horn item for the auction . A special “touchmark” design was given out so each of these items could be linked to this anniversary. Each maker could decide how and where to incorporate this design into their work. Our Masters did not disappoint with their use of artistry and creativity. We have nine wonderful items to choose from and we’re excited to be able to present them to you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own a Masterpiece of horn work and support the public education mission of the Guild.

Item # 1
Pierced Back Comb
by Master Horner Joe Becker

Joe Becker likes to make back combs and it seems the more piercings the better! Joe got the inspiration from Glenn Beall and his wife Patsy. The design was inspired from his life at the time.Joe first cut out a paper pattern, which he then traced onto the horn. He used a jeweler’s saw to cut out the shape. Once it was cut out, he then filed it, heated it, and bent it around a wooden mold giving it the dramatic shape. He then used a tumbler to give it the final polish.
Click Here to read Joe Becker’s Profile.

Item #2
Philly Powder Horn Lamp
by Master Horner Roland Cadle

In the spirit of the Spinning Wheel Chair, Rope Bed Bench and the Firkin Sewing Basket, comes the “Powder Horn Lamp!”

This 1759 Philadelphia screw tip horn has a cast and turned pewter base band with a red painted base plug and screw tip. The collar band is black horn. The horn is professionally engraved with the Royal Coat of Arms, Stand of Arms and a cityscape of old Philadelphia. The map from Philadelphia to Ft. Pitt encircles the horn. The engraving is done in three colors of ink with gold accents added in heated aqua fortis, as are the best originals.
The finished horn was then segmented on a band saw and reconfigured into something useful – a desk lamp.
Click Here to see Roland Cadle’s profile.

Item # 3
Penner and Quill Pen Holder
by Master Horner Art DeCamp

Art DeCamp is known for his skill in turning and thread cutting. Here is an 18th century style penner and desk pen holder.
The penner is made of four separate pieces of horn that are turned and then threaded with chased threads. The desk pen holder is made of a tapered piece of horn with two chimed disks as the top and bottom.
Click Here to read Art DeCamp’s profile.

Item #4
European Style Powder Flask
by Master Horner Carl Dumke

Carl Dumke has submitted a large powder flask in the European style.
It has an integral valve and mechanical mechanism made of horn and fitted to the body by a figured walnut housing. The body is comprised of a horn band sandwiched between figured walnut panels which are adorned with European stag rosette rounds, scrimshawed with a fleeing boar on the obverse and a oak wealth on the reverse. The flask hangs on a braided leather strap and is attached by turned and carved antler rings by a brass oak leaf, rat-tail hangers. The cord joins beneath the flask with a leather Spanish knot ending in turned horn and boar hair tassels.
Click Here to see Carl Dumke’s profile.

Item # 5
Scandinavian Tobacco Box
by Master Horner Willy Frankfort

Frankfort-#5b Frankfort-#5a
Master Horner Willy Frankfort has donated an engraved horn tobacco box, made in the Scandinavian Telemark folk art style.
The upright horn posts click into the lid and hold it fast. Like much of Willy’s work it has a touch of the macabre with a demon enjoying his pipe in a cartouche on the back. This artisan’s creation won the 2015 Craftsman Award at the Art Nationals and the Westmoreland Arts and Heritage Foundation. This award is meaningful as the Westmoreland region (just west of Philadelphia) was settled by Scandinavian emigrants.
Click Here to read Wild Willy Frankfort’s profile.

Item #6
Contemporary Artisan Horn Bracelet
by Master Horner John Kiselica

Here is your chance to OWN a piece of this Master Horner’s work! John is notorious for not selling his work.

Here is a custom designed, multi-colored, hand pierced, flattened horn artisan bracelet. And the metal parts are Sterling silver.
Click Here to see John Kiselica’s profile.

Item #7
French Indian War Horn “Ft. Edward – AD 1756″
by Master Horner Lee Larkin

Lee Larkin has provided a large engraved powder horn made in the style of those horns that were soldier made during the French and Indian war.
This horn has a nicely turned butt of dark stained maple fixed with wooden pegs. The horn has a nice double twist. The horn features a “Make Ready – Present – Fire” engraving of no less than 23 soldiers facing off using Napoleonic tactics. The horn has two panels of slogans and a lot of foliate design with curlicues. The horn does not have a soldiers name on it making ideal to carry for your F&I impression or to display.
Click Here to read Lee Larkin’s profile.

Item #8
Polychrome Pennsylvania “Dutch” Horn Box
by Master Horner John Proud

John Proud is known for his superior layouts and clean, expert engraving.
Those qualities are shown on this little box. John has donated an engraved and polychromed horn box with cherry lid and base. The lid is adorned with a brass finial.
Click Here to see John Proud’s profile.

Item #9
Turned Horn Cordial and Goblet
by Master Horner Erv Tschanz

I.T.-#9 I.T.-9k
A new horn turner in the Guild eventually “turns” to Erv Tschanz to better understand how to make these complex forms.

Here is a turned cordial and goblet, each made of two pieces of horn. The flat bottom piece was pressed and threaded and then two pieces turned from solid horn tip are added to complete each of the items.
Click Here to read Erv Tschanz’s profile.


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