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2017 “Southern Department” Auction at the HCH Annual Meeting

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With all the success of last year’s auction, I was encouraged to do another such event. When I thought about whether a “theme” was in order, it was suggested by Bill Carter to contact different groups within the Guild that meet together for “regional” meetings. With the Guild itself only having one official meeting a year, some members take it upon themselves to get together with others who are “relatively” close. Whether this be a formal meeting on a regular basis or friends getting together in someone’s shop, these gatherings are a great way to share ideas, historical information and build relationships with other members that last for years.

The first such group to volunteer refers to themselves proudly as “The HCH Southern Department”. In their own words, the purpose of this contingent of the HCH is “to identify, research, document, build, and promote the education of Southern horn accouterments, research and construct unique horn artifacts, and become proficient in the skills necessary to achieve those goals”. Since their first meeting in 2011, the group has worked on many varied projects, including (2011) Southern Appalachian Blowing Horn, (2012) North Carolina Banded Horn, (2013) Northern Valley of Virginia Powder Horn / Horn Tobacco Box, (2014) Traditional Southern Appalachian Powder Horn, (2015) Kumpf / Hair Broach, (2016) French Military Pulverin Powder Flask.

They’ve also organized classes for general horn work such as sharpening of turning tools, metal spinning, proper techniques and use of a jeweler’s saw, coloration techniques for horn work and procedures for transferring folk art from photos to a horn surface. It’s clear to me, these guys are no slackers!

The groups were asked to make five items that reflect something special about their group. As you can see, the Southern Department decided to go above and beyond and has had all of their regular attenders participate. Here are the items graciously given to this event.

As we did last year for the “Auction of the Masters” we will start the bidding online- right here, just below the pictures of the items! We will take the two highest bids to start the live auction. The top bid will be held secret for the fairness to the bidder. That way everyone can feel safe, sending us the highest amount they are willing to bid. Unfortunately, we will be unable to handle phone bids during the auction. If you know someone who will be able to attend and will bid for you, that will be allowed, but must be worked out personally.

2017-so.dept-1Piedmont North Carolina Horn and Pouch with Accoutrements
Here is a Piedmont North Carolina set with a fringed pouch by Jeff Bibb of Monroe, VA paired with a banded horn by Billy Griner of Woodbine, GA. Ray Antosh of Burke, VA created a pick, brush and measure in a complimentary style. The set is completed with a beautiful, hand-forged knife by Bill Bisher of Black Turtle Forge in Denton, NC.


Queen Anne Flask
Most Queen Anne flasks were made from green or amber colored translucent horn. Journeyman Horner Don Fererro of Sanford, NC has made a stunning flask from black horn accented with a piece of unusual zebra colored horn.

Two Leather Covered Costrels
Journeyman Horner Jim Leach of Williamsburg, VA has made two costrels. They are bottles covered in tooled leather. The larger comes with a braided cord and the smaller one is designed for carrying in a pouch or pocket.



1760 French and Indian War Powder Horn
Here is a joint project for the 2017 auction by Journeyman Horners Bill Carter and Rick Sheets. It is a 1760 lobed horn made in the style of those horns created during the F&I War. Bill made the horn and Rick did the engraving.

Scottish Style Horn Beakers
Journeyman Horner Clinton Byers of Lenior, NC has created a brace of Scottish horn beakers that are nearly identical. He started out with a pair of honey colored cow horns. The beakers are accented with homemade walnut dye.

Custom Earrings
Master Horner John Kiselica of Bethel Park, PA has designed and made this custom pair of sterling silver and horn earrings.

The auction will run similarly to last year’s with the live auction held at the banquet Saturday night. Personally, I am very excited by this new focus on small groups within the Guild’s all about connection! If your group would like to participate or have any questions, please feel free to contact me at And don’t forget, all members can request a copy of the Guild roster to see if any other members are in their area!

Best regards,
Kris Polizzi

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