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2015 Summer Raffle at Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair– We have Winners. Drawing was Sunday, July 26th.

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First Prize – Horn by Journeyman Horner Jim Pease, Pouch by Freeman Karen Pease and Patch Knife by Nathan Allen.

Update: We have Winners. Drawing was Sunday, July 26th.

1st/ Horn and Bag set- Paul Gasparo, NY

2nd/Horn Box- Sean Beckwith, PA

3rd/Knife- Rex Reddick, TX

With the fun of this year’s Annual Meeting fresh in our minds, we start to look forward to the other Guild events of the year! I am happy to be able to present this year’s Summer raffle set that will be on display at Dixon’s Gunmaker’s Fair this year.

An idea had been nagging me for quite some time. With all of the talented members in the Guild, wouldn’t it be great to have a husband and wife team do the bag and horn set? After winning multiple awards at Dixon’s last year, Journeyman Horner Jim and Freeman Karen Pease were my first thought! When asked if they would take up the challenge, they both quickly agreed and this year we have a wonderful set crafted by this generous couple!
2015 Summer Raffle at Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair– Drawing Sunday, July 26th.

The bag, by Karen is of vegetable tanned  leather with a hair on, calf hide flap. The horn, by Jim is a Lancaster County screw tip.

Also included with the set is a hand forged antler handle knife by Nathan Allen and turned antler pick and brush set with hand made chain by Freeman Jerry Polizzi.

As we have done in the past, we are happy to be able to have additional items to be raffled off. The first  is a beautifully engraved horn box by Journeyman John DeWald. We also have a super knife and sheath by Billy Watson.

We can only continue to do these great fundraising events with the support of our members. Anyone who is interested in donating an item, can contact me at

Kris Polizzi- Fundraising Chair




Included with the Pouch and Horn is this pick and brush by Jerry Polizzi. Measure is by Jim Pease.


John DeWald Maker

2nd Prize – John DeWald Maker


3rd Prize – Billy Watson Maker

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