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July 2012 Message from the Guildmaster

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Happy Fourth of July!

As I write this, I wonder how many of our modern citizens really understand the impact of the events that would result from the writing and signing of our Declaration of Independence long, long ago. Five of our founding fathers worked to arrive at a document that expressed their desires and wishes for our new country. Jefferson’s final draft was, and is, certainly impressive in its own right, and still makes many of us shiver when we hear it read on our most important national holiday. The years of war, suffering, and struggle that followed  patterned the freedom and prosperity that we enjoy today.

Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest

Today I will be working as an interpreter at Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest ( This impressive structure was conceived by Jefferson as a second home, and a place where he could retreat from the daily worries and constant visitors at Monticello. He often came to Forest, Virginia for months at a time, and welcomed the opportunity to read, write letters, farm, and enjoy the bucolic existence of his second home.

For the July Fourth celebration, Jefferson’s home grounds are populated with a number of living historians. The Continental Army enlists eager young recruits to fight in the coming battles. Recruits as young as five or six are marched around the grounds in formation, trying their best to learn the awkward commands and obey their sergeants.  Potters throw beautiful pieces of work, a young woman beats flax into submission until she can produce fine linen thread, an 18th century physician promises healing an ailment with a proper bleeding. These people, and many more, open a window into the past that many visitors cannot imagine or truly comprehend. I hope that you will take time today to reflect on our heritage, the importance of our interests and the impact that they can have on those with whom we share. We must work to not lose the past that we cherish.

Later this month, one of the grand celebrations of our interests will occur in Kempton, Pennsylvania. Yes, it is time for Dixon’s Muzzle Loading Fair once again! As detailed in other areas of our site, many guild members will once again be working at this event to make it a monumental affair for all involved. In addition to the many fine tables of our artisans’ work, there will be a number of presentations / workshops taught by guild members. The HCH table will be in full force once again. This year the theme of the HCH table is blowing horns. If you would like to display a blowing horn, please bring it to the table on Friday or Saturday for all to see.

Volunteers are always needed for the HCH table. If you can spare an hour or two for us over the weekend, please contact Dick Toone to set up a time. We need your help to talk about the HCH, sell raffle tickets, sell Hartley books, and just be yourself, greeting attendees, and talking about the guild. As usual, no pay is involved, but the return is priceless.

Friday night, we will be hosting the annual Summer Reception at the Jacobsburg Historical Museum. This year promises to be quite tasty with barbeque chicken, and all the fixing’s. Reservation forms for the dinner are available on this website. We would appreciate a timely response since we have to make adequate preparations for this wonderful event. If you have not been to Jacobsburg, and the Henry gun museum, this is a “must see” opportunity.

Thanks to everyone who make this organization what it is. I cannot express how much I appreciate the efforts of everyone who volunteers to work for the guild.  On this Fourth of July, I am thankful for many things, but I am especially thankful for the friends and associates I have met through this group.

May you all have a wonderful holiday and summer season.

Jeff Bibb
The Honourable Company of Horners

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