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Lee Larkin, Master Horner

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This is an excerpt from “Master Horner Profiles” from The Horn Book; it is second in the series.

“His work has not gone unnoticed as he has won numerous awards, particularly at Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair. In addition, Lee’s work has been featured in Muzzleloader, Muzzle Blasts, and On the Trail Magazines as well as Smoke and Fire News. ”   [read the whole article...]


2 Responses to “Lee Larkin, Master Horner”
  1. Justin Heath says:

    Good day

    Greetings from down South (South Africa). I found your site while searching for ideas for the uses of Horn and some examples as well. I found this site and it is by far the most informative. I did not know that there was such a following of Horners.

    I recently, on looking for a new hobby, discovered some local cattle horns lying behind a out building on a hunting farm. I played around with them and even began intensively working on one of the horns and to my surprise I was quite good. I think that I have found my new hobby as I have now completely cleaned a horn and only the final sanding and varnishing must take place.

    I do have a question and that is if there are any uses for “twisted” horns? There is a local breed that carries twisted horns that when cleaned on the outside have incredible colors (to me anyway). I thought that the best person to ask would be from those who are passionate about the subject.


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