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2013 Summer Raffle AKA Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair Raflle – It is on! – Drawing: Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Update July 28, 2013- We have a winner! Congratulations to Jeff Bibb of Lynchburg, Virginia.

Now that the annual meeting is over, our thoughts will be turning towards getting ready for Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair at the end of July.  For many Horners it is a great chance to show of your work and hopefully win a ribbon or two. Also, it is time for the annual raffle of the “Bag and Horn Set” made and donated by Guild members.

We have had some excellent sets raffled off in the past and I must say this year is no exception. I asked Gary Elsenbeck of Lee Center, NY and Scott Morrison of Keizer, OR, if they would team up and come up with a nice set for this year. All I have to say about it is WOW! I would like to take this chance to thank them both for this wonderful set.

First of all, I would like to talk about the bag made by Gary. It is a very nice double pouch made from 3-4oz veg tan leather and dyed with a homemade dye. It is flat sewn and has some folk art on the flap that was inspired by the book “Decorative Motifs of the Southern Backcountry “.  The bag itself measures 8” wide, is 7” deep and has an adjustable 1 ¼” strap with a brass roller buckle. Next, the horn made by Scott. The horn is based on the 1762 horn shown in Madison Grant’s book Page 82. It measures 10 ¾” along the outside curve and 2 ¼” diameter base plug. It has two carved bands and one applied band. The two carved bands have been made to resemble dice, one band has the number ‘’5“on it and the other has the number “2”, giving the horn the name”Lucky 7”. He also included a strap made by Kris Polizzi.  Now, for the accoutrements…  Gary donated a 65 grain tin powder measure and a forged screwdriver.  Also Dan Eisenhower of Dover, PA, made a nice 45 grain antler measure that has dice carved on it to match the horn. He also included a brush and pick on a nice chain.

As in years prior, we are happy to be able to add some other items to the raffle.  These items include a nice leather canteen made by Paul Gasparo of Huntington Station, NY.  Jim Webb has also donated a bound and signed copy of his book, “Sketches of Hunting Pouches, Powder Horns and Accoutrements of Southern Appalachia.”

By now I hope I have sparked your interest in these items, and you are asking how much are the tickets? The price for tickets is $5 each or 5 for $20. So, come on and show your support and purchase some tickets. And remember, without your support the Guild could not grow.

 Leather-Canteen Leather Canteen made by
Paul Gasparo of Huntington Station, NY
Small-Raffle-Items Other Items:

  • Hand-forged Turn Screw
  • Antler Measure
  • Soldered Measure
  • Pick and Brush on hand twisted chain
JimWebb1JimWebb2 Hand-bound and signed copy of the book,
“Sketches of Hunting Pouches, Powder Horns and Accoutrements
of Southern  Appalachia”
from the author Jim Webb.
Horn_Bag One More Look!
Pouch by Gary Elsenbeck of Lee Center, NY
Horn by Scott Morrison of Keizer, OR


As stated in the past, I want to have two raffles a year, one at the annual meeting and one at Dixon’s. I will try to have new things every year at the meeting, but Dixon`s will always be a bag and horn set, because that is the tradition. The Drawing will be held on Sunday, July 28th, 2013 at Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair.

If anyone wants to donate and item for either raffle just contact me at .


Your most humble servant,

Ed McDilda

Fundraising chairman

Winter 2013 Raffle (aka 2013 Annual Meeting Raffle)


I am pleased to announce that we are going to have a raffle at the annual meeting to help raise funds for the Guild.  We have had some fine artisans from within the Guild donate items for this raffle. I would like to take the time to thank these fine folks for their contributions and their commitment to helping the Guild grow. So, with that said, here are the items that are to be raffled off at the annual meeting in March.

We have a charming lady`s ring box made by Don Fererro and engraved by Bill Carter…  A handsome 8” x 10” framed giclee print from Bob Albrecht… Also, we have a lovely hand woven powder horn strap and gift certificate for a custom strap from Kris Polizzi… Sparks Mumma donated a wonderfully engraved salt and pepper horn… and John Dewald donated a beautifully crafted medicine cup and spoon… There will also be a table set up for you to view the items and purchase tickets at the annual meeting.

Just added on January 10th, 2013…  The NMLRA 1 of 1000 Endowment Program has donated another print to us by David Wright; it is named “Spirit of America.”  Please see the picture below!

I am hoping to start the tradition of having two Raffles each year. One at Dixon’s, which will always be a horn and pouch set, and one at the annual meeting. So, any artisans, whether a Freeman, Journeyman or Master, wishing to donate something for a raffle, please feel free to contact me at

Your most humble servant…

Ed McDilda

Fundraising Chairman

Spirit of America Print
by David Wright
Donated by the NMLRA’s
1 of 1000 Endowment Program

Won by
Rich Griggs Marysville, OH

Salt and Pepper Horn
by Sparks Mumma

Won by
Joe Becker, Pennsylvania

Horn Ring Box
by Donald Ferraro
engraved by Bill Carter

Won by
Ed Long, Pennsylvania

Handmade Inkle Loom Strap
by Krista Polizzi

Won by
Ron Hess, Buckhead, GA


Inkle Loom Strap Gift Certificate
by Krista Polizzi

Won by
Craig Jarrett, Pennsylvania

Delaware Scout Print
by Robert Albrecht

Won by
Jim Enloe, Mt Vernon, OH


Medicine Cup
by John Dewald

Won by
Gus Taber, Pennsylvania


Information about the Horn Book- Fall 2012 and Winter 2013

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We have an update on the Horn Book today (December 5th, 2012). Please follow the link to below to get caught-up on what the next two issues. Also, there are more rumors about the upcoming Guild Meeting at the AHEC and the first installment from The Committee of Four!

Click here for more information…

Hurricane Sandy Adversely Impacts Our Guild!

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As you know, Hurricane Sandy came ashore in New Jersey on October 29, 2012, causing great damage and widespread power outages.  As a result, the Fall issue of The Horn Book will be delayed a few more weeks.  It was scheduled to be in the mail by the first week in November but Bob and Terri Albrecht, who live in New Jersey, lost all power due to the storm.  It was scheduled to be back on today (November 6th), but they were informed that it would be another 3 to 5 weeks before the necessary repairs were made and power restored.
Our apologies for this delay, but please rest assured that as soon as things return to normal, every effort will be made to get the Fall issue to you as quickly as possible.
Bob and Terri are doing as well as can be expected under these conditions.  Fortunately, no damage was done to their home or studio and they are currently using a generator to keep the basic necessities running, although fuel is somewhat of a problem.  Please keep them and well as other victims of the storm in your thoughts and prayers.
Updates will be posted on the Website.
Our thanks to Webmaster Rick Sheets for volunteering to get this information to you and for your understanding and patience.
Bill Carter

Bill Carter, Editor, has something to say…

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Bill Carter, editor of The Horn Book, has published an update in what is going to be upcoming in Fall Issue of The Horn Book. It will be a great issue!

There also seems to be something special in the works for the Annual Meeting scheduled for March 1-2, 2013. [Click to read the update...]

About the 2012 Summer issue of The Horn Book

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The 2012 Summer issue of The Horn Book will soon be in the mail and we think you will be pleasantly surprised as there are no advertisements, which allows for more articles, and this issue will have 36 pages for you to peruse at your leisure…

Read more about The Horn Book coming to you shortly…

Announcing the 2012 Summer Reception at Jacobsburg Historic Site

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Please be aware that the Summer Reception Reservation Form and Map is available on this blog post. <<CLICK HERE>>


Correction: Phil Cravener’s Memorial is on the 21st of April, 2012

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There was an error is the published date for Phil Cravener’s Memorial.

Please help spread the word that Phil’s Memorial is in fact on the 21 of APRIL.
Please forward this information to all who might be interested.

The 2012 Pouch and Horn Raffle Set (Drawing at Dixon's July 29, 2012)

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Update July 29, 2012- We have a winner! Congratulations to Walt Morgis of Virginia.

The 2012 HCH raffle features the Clash of the Titans North Carolina squirrel rifle set entered by the South in last year’s monumental competition at Dixon’s Gunmakers Fair. The set will be displayed at the annual HCH conference in March, and at Dixon’s in July.

The drawing will be held at Dixon’s Gumakers Fair, which is held in Kempton, Pennsylvania every July. (See their website by clicking here.)

The horn made by Billy Griner, is a copy of an original Rowan County, NC piece. It features three bands with a turned, applied antler tip, and a black walnut base. Overall length is 11 inches around the curve. (See Billy Griner’s website by clicking here.)

The pouch was made by Jeff Bibb and is a copy of an original pouch from Iredell County, NC. Constructed from cowhide, the pouch is 6.5 inches wide by 7 inches deep. The flap is bound and backed with hemp. There is a hanging ball or patch pocket inside. (See Jeff Bibb’s website by clicking here.)

This awesome Southern pouch and horn are complimented by other handmade items. The measure was turned from horn by Mark Ewing, and pick and brush set were made by Jeff Bottiger.

HCH Annual Meeting – Rooms at Days Inn Carlisle, PA

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The Honourable Company of Horners 2012 Annual Meeting will be held at the Army Heritage Education Center in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.

We have a block of rooms at the Days Inn, Carlisle. You must call them at (717) 258-4147 to get the Special Rate of $62.95 per night. Please mention “horn guild” to get the special rate.
NOTE: You must call for the special rate. Trying to book the room through the website will not work. In addition, the website might show the Days Inn as full when in fact there might be rooms left for the Horn Guild.

Days Inn, Carlisle, PA
101 Alexander Spring Rd, Carlisle, PA
(717) 258-4147
Interstate 81, Exit 45

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